Cartoons for Toddlers

PocoyoDon’t get me wrong, I am fully aware that cartoons and TV do not substitute a mother’s love and attention, but Cartoons have helped me out of a tight scrape more than once!



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Some babies sleep through the night from 6 weeks onwards. Some babies (really, I’ve heard about these babies!) even sleep through the night from birth!! Most babies eventually sleep through the night from the moment solids are introduced.

My babies are not like that. (more…)

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Stuffy noses

Believe it or not, my 2.5-year-old son cannot blow his nose! Whenever he has a stuffy nose he inhales instead of blowing out, making things even worse. And often, when he is down with a cold,  I’m woken up at night by a very loud “I cannot breathe!”

Nasal AspiratorIt’s for this reason that I’m very grateful to the inventor of a very smart piece of equipment: the Narhinel nasal aspirator.  It’s a tube which has a mouthpiece at one end (for mummy) and a disposable mucus reservoir with an anatomic tip to put in the nose (with a filter that prevents mucus from going up the tube) at the other. My son does not love it, but it does the job brilliantly!

And we can all go back to sleep! 🙂

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Scropino – Cheers!

scropinoYesterday we ended a very successful Christmas dinner with a ‘Scropino’. I’d never heard of it before, but it is basically a grown-up smoothie – extremely yummy and easy to make!

3 scoops lemon sorbet

1 shot vodka

150 ml champagne

Mix it up, serve, and enjoy!


Esther in Amsterdam

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Sugar Cookies

It’s funny how I can really hate the cold, dark winters in London, but not be so bothered by them when I am “home” for the holidays ( all cozied up in a big house with a fire)! I love sitting around in my pajamas, listening to Christmas music and watching the rain splash against the windows (I’m in rainy Seattle, after all).

And of course, nothing makes sitting inside more enjoyable than a big plate of Christmas sugar cookies on the counter!  Every single year at this time we make these cookies (frosted in red, white and green colors), and every year they disappear off the counter more quickly than anything else!  These cookies are a tried ‘n true favorite.  They are one of my favorite things about Christmas (and fun to make with your kids).

Here is the recipe…


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If Paris does not come to the mountain…

Paris Ice Rink and Sledges……the mountain will come to Paris.
This is exactly what has happened in front of the Hotel de Ville in the 4th.  An ice skating rink and sledge lane have been erected in front of the town hall, and taking into account the sub-zero temperatures here in Paris, you might as well be in Chamonix. The sledges (or sled lanes) are only for kids under 12 and everyone gets a 10 min turn. Kids under 6 need to be accompanied, (but watching the parents going down the lane, it really did not seem like a chore). There is also a merry-go-round which my daughter loved even more than the sledge.
And the best thing of all: It’s free.

This alpine entertainment will be around ’til the 9th of March, so there is plenty of time to go and enjoy yourself.

Happy sledding!

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Miffy’s House

Nijntje2Who doesn’t love Miffy? My daughter surely adores her! Dick Bruna created this little rabbit in 1955 and by now her stories have been translated to more than 40 languages! Did you know Miffy has her own website? It’s great to explore with children: there is an audio book, animation, music, games, and more! There are also links to a variety of webshops: the books are great and I can also recommend the DVDs!

Last weekend we decided to treat our children to a little trip to ‘Miffy’s House’ (a.k.a. the Dick Bruna House). (more…)

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