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What is it with this time of year?

I suddenly get nostalgic and start craving my childhood treats! It must have something to do with the cold weather and the early nights. All I want to do is curl up on a sofa, preferably in front of a fire, and eat!
Anyway, this is my latest craving that I want to share with you: Vanille Kipferl (I dare you to pronounce it), my favourite ever German Advent Cookie. It is super easy and really fun to make with kids…..

vanille Kipferl



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Can I give you a hand, madame??

After my absence of nearly seven years,  I was afraid I would come back to a city of… ahem, I don’t want to insult anyone, but you girls know how I’ve been bitching about Amsterdam for, well, ever: no style, no customer service, no etiquette, no good food, no sun, no mountains, no…

But I must say, after being back for about six weeks now, I feel that the city has changed. People have been surprisingly friendly. Cool shops. Nice restaurants. Clean. Well organized. Luxurious even (at times)!

Fact is, it’s probably not so much the city that has changed – I have changed. (more…)

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A child in sheep’s clothing

Aaagghhh! Winter. You all know it depresses me. It’s dark, it’s wet, and it’s COLD!!

And I have a husband who refuses to turn the heat on during the night- (doesn’t want to waste energy, and also doesn’t mind if his babies freeze)!

Thank God for Mokopuna’s merino wool range

 Mokopuna’s PajamasMokopuna’s Box

They make the cutest pajamas (and many other things) for babies made from 100% New Zealand mokopuna merino. It’s designed to keep your babies warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Their pajamas are super soft, cozy and oh-so cute. (more…)

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Me too!

Since we’re all mums that like to travel,  I have to tell you girls about the perfect baby/toddler seat for on-the-go. THIS IS IT: the Phil&Teds Me Too Chair.

It’s light (less than 1 kilo /2 lbs), it’s flat (2,5 cm /1 inch when folded), it fits on nearly every table and it looks really, really good.

Me too chair


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Best of both worlds

Bholu ElephantBhulo logo

At this time of year, I spend, spend, spend on presents and sometimes have a guilty conscience, as a little part of me feels that I am being a bit wasteful. But it is really hard to find beautiful presents that also make you feel like you are supporting a good cause, and there is no point giving something ugly just because it is politically correct!


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Is there light (Starbucks) at the end of the tunnel?

Italians invented espresso and cappuccino. Fantastic! Humanity will be grateful forever. Then we stopped there.

Why is it that every other country capitalized on our inventions, and now have more choices when getting a hot drink than the average Italian could ever dream of? (more…)

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Fall / winter Fashion 2007 – some looks I like

I was sitting at the hairdresser earlier this week and browsing through a fashion magazine (forgot which one exactly), and I decided to sketch some of my favourite looks for this fall:

Fall looks


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