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As I am pregnant in France, I am learning very quickly about a new system.
There seems to be a lot more birth options in France than in the UK covered by social security. We have gone down the route of a private midwife. This was mostly because we wanted to get to know the person who was going to deliver the baby but still have the baby in the safe environment of a hospital, in case anything goes wrong.
The midwife is affiliated to a clinic and works together with a team of doctors. So if everything goes smoothly we will see no one else during the birth, but if anything goes wrong we are still in a hospital with all the staff necessary.

The midwife, with whom we decided to go with, specialises in something called Haptonomy, which is completely new to me.

It is a “science of affectivity.” You communicate with the unborn child through touch. It is supposed to encourage the bond between the unborn baby and the parents, specifically the father.

I, being a naturally sceptical person, am finding the whole thing a bit abstract. My husband however (being a closet hippie) really likes the idea, and I can understand why: being pregnant is so much more about the mother and the baby, so it must be nice to be given an opportunity as a father to bond.

It is true that when the midwife practised the Haptonomy on me, she managed to make the baby move in whatever direction she wanted it to. A friend of mine who is a great believer in Haptonomy managed to move her baby off her bladder whilst 7 months pregnant, which is no mean feat. It is also supposed to make the birth easier as you are supposed to be able to help the baby move into a better position to come out.

So I am going to go for it and see what happens. I guess it can’t hurt. If we don’t get anything out of it, at least we have spent a couple of nights every week concentrating on the baby and trying to give it some attention. If we do get something out of it, and the birth is easier and things go smoothly, I will be a firm convert to Haptonomy!

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  • 1. Esther  |  December 12, 2007 at 9:48 pm

    The first months of my first pregnancy I was living in Brussels and heard the term Haptonomy, but didn’t investigate further because I was moving to London anyway. (I actually thought it was some sort of massage therapy). Later I heard of a friend who gave birth in Brussels that for her and her partner the Haptonomy had been helpful.
    I just checked the link above and for me (sceptical person as well) it is difficult to understand what they are trying to say, but what I did find out is that the inventer of the therapy is Dutch!

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