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EstherAfter living 3 years in New York City (where she got engaged), 1 year in Brussels (where she got married) and 3 years in London (where she got a couple of children and met the co-writers of this blog), Esther recently moved back to her home country to live in the real sin-city: Amsterdam. Trained as an architect, she likes things to be organized, functional and good-looking. As a stay-at-home mother of two (♀ & ♂), that seems hard to achieve, but at least her husband makes an effort. She loves cooking and having her friends over, who in return, love to spend time on her couch. She is fond of little creative projects (drawing, sewing, baking) and has a weakness for shopping and ‘finding the best deal’ – she’s Dutch, after all. She also loves her cleaning lady.

courtney.jpgCourtney is an American (raised on a tulip farm north of Seattle), living in London.  She’s married to an older (and very handsome) man, who is also American, and together they have 2 lively boys! They’ve been in London for 4 1/2 years, and still complain about the winters.  She secretly fancies cheesy “elevator music,” has an addiction to cashmere, and loves pizza and Italian red wines. She is a self-proclaimed “neat freak” and likes things to remain in order. (Spit-up stains on the carpet really drive her crazy)!  Since having children, late nights out in expensive heels have been traded in for early mornings at the park (in less fashionable footwear)!

michelaMichela is an academic economist, born and raised in Milan. She moved to London after graduation to do a PhD, and ended up staying 8 years! There she met the man who became her husband (and who thankfully decided to leave academic life for investment banking)! They returned to Italy after the birth of their son.  Of the 4 girls, she is the least obsessed with fashion; she doesn’t do heels, and she’ll never wear skinny jeans… but she does have a soft spot for designer bags! Michela loves to eat and cook, but the latter activity has suffered since motherhood while the former is constantly challenged by her desire to shed those last 2 kilos! She loves to read, and she cannot live without internet connection.  But, she’ll drop anything for a good chat with friends, whether in front of a cup of tea, or a bottle of chardonnay!  

EmilieEmilie is a freelance animation producer in proud possession of a French and an Irish passport… but it’s actually not that simple.  She grew up in Germany and in the States, and then finally landed in London.  Having lived there for 10 years, (in which time she managed to get married to a Kiwi and give birth to a Brit), she moved over to Paris last year.  Paris has not been without its trials, but the whole family has gotten used to fresh croissants in the morning, and dog poop on the pavement all day long!  She is now expecting No. 2, and has decided to view this pregnancy as a fashion challenge.



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