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Some babies sleep through the night from 6 weeks onwards. Some babies (really, I’ve heard about these babies!) even sleep through the night from birth!! Most babies eventually sleep through the night from the moment solids are introduced.

My babies are not like that. (more…)


December 28, 2007 at 10:50 am 1 comment

Scropino – Cheers!

scropinoYesterday we ended a very successful Christmas dinner with a ‘Scropino’. I’d never heard of it before, but it is basically a grown-up smoothie – extremely yummy and easy to make!

3 scoops lemon sorbet

1 shot vodka

150 ml champagne

Mix it up, serve, and enjoy!


Esther in Amsterdam

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December 26, 2007 at 4:30 pm 1 comment

Miffy’s House

Nijntje2Who doesn’t love Miffy? My daughter surely adores her! Dick Bruna created this little rabbit in 1955 and by now her stories have been translated to more than 40 languages! Did you know Miffy has her own website? It’s great to explore with children: there is an audio book, animation, music, games, and more! There are also links to a variety of webshops: the books are great and I can also recommend the DVDs!

Last weekend we decided to treat our children to a little trip to ‘Miffy’s House’ (a.k.a. the Dick Bruna House). (more…)

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30+ skin

I have tried to deny it for a while, but I recently celebrated another birthday and here is the truth: I am definitely (way) over thirty now.


clinique 3 stepSince my late teenage years I have always, without thinking and without a complaint, used the Clinique 3-step skincare range. Only in the mornings of course – in the evenings I was usually way to lazy (or drunk) to do much more than brush my teeth and take the pill (or 2, just in case). (more…)

December 19, 2007 at 3:39 pm 5 comments

More beanbags!

Well, this proves that there is a lot to write about beanbags. (The third post already)! Though these ones aren’t for sitting on…

kushi-2.jpgI bought these 12 tiny beanbags in NY about two years ago and they are a favourite in my family. The baby loves the different colors, texture and feel of them (they are filled with little rice grains). My 2-year-old loves stacking them (and tumbling them down, of course). I like making funny little guys or animals out of them. And we really like the way they look too! They are called Kushies Zolo Beanstax, and easily available in the US (unfortunately difficult to find in Europe, but this  American store, Babesta, ships to Europe – and stocks more of the cute Zolo range)!

Esther’s Icon-Esther in Amsterdam

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What exactly are pancakes? In America they are thick and small and eaten for breakfast in stacks – the higher the stack the cooler the cowboy! In France they are called crêpes and are very large, thin and delicate and eaten for lunch or a Pancakessnack from one of the little street stands. (This makes me wonder… Michela, is there such a thing as an Italian pancake)??

In Holland, ‘pannekoeken’ are the size of an average frying pan, and are a bit thicker than a crêpe but thinner than American pancakes. Traditionally they are eaten for dinner, usually after the traditional Dutch pea soup called ‘snert’, with a variety of savoury (bacon&syrup, cheese&paprika) or sweet (apple, banana, icing sugar, sugar syrup, confiture) toppings. It’s a children’s favourite. 

We just discovered a restaurant called Pancakes!, which serves, well, pancakes (in all different varieties) and is conveniently located in the center of the ‘nine streets’ in Amsterdam (a little shopping delight for the ones who don’t know it yet)! They have highchairs (I counted at least three) and a children’s menu that comes with a little surprise. Might your little one get bored after all, a toy-box filled with books, toys and games is present, or the staff can provide crayons and paper. There’s a microwave for warming up milk. And they also cater children’s (birthday)parties – age 4 years and up!

Esther’s Icon-Esther in Amsterdam

December 13, 2007 at 11:14 am 2 comments


My daughter has known the meaning of a good babyccino since she was able to hold a spoon. I have known the meaning of a good babyccino since I discovered that it could keep a toddler entertained for at least 10 minutes at a lunch table. If one orders a second one (disregarding the occasional babyccino spilled all over the table) that’s 20 minutes of valuable, uninterrupted mummy time! What a great invention is that?!

While our children were happily messing about with their babyccinos, I think my girlfriends and I spent hours discussing topics like: the best baby/toddler products, fashion, recipes, films, websites, beauty products, shopping, expositions, restaurants, travel, practical matters, the occasional gossip (think Sienna Miller & Jude Law, Kate Moss & Pete Doherty), raising our kids, raising our husbands -and anything else that would interest us, (urban mothers). (more…)

December 9, 2007 at 10:09 am 3 comments

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