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Sugar Cookies

It’s funny how I can really hate the cold, dark winters in London, but not be so bothered by them when I am “home” for the holidays ( all cozied up in a big house with a fire)! I love sitting around in my pajamas, listening to Christmas music and watching the rain splash against the windows (I’m in rainy Seattle, after all).

And of course, nothing makes sitting inside more enjoyable than a big plate of Christmas sugar cookies on the counter!  Every single year at this time we make these cookies (frosted in red, white and green colors), and every year they disappear off the counter more quickly than anything else!  These cookies are a tried ‘n true favorite.  They are one of my favorite things about Christmas (and fun to make with your kids).

Here is the recipe…



December 25, 2007 at 10:00 am 2 comments


Beaba Baby CookSo… we have crossed the big pond and survived the 9-hour flight to Seattle (where we will be spending the first half of our holiday).  We are all settled in and cozy, (despite our 4 a.m. wake-ups), and are adjusting to things here in the States…

…like huge grocery stores with hundreds of options, big vehicles on wide streets, loads of space, and anything you want whenever you want it (I’ve seen more “open 24 hours” signs in the past few days than I’ve ever seen in Europe)!  There is really no limit to what you can find here, and how easily you can find it.

This is why I am always stumped to find that there are actually a few of my favorite European things that you can not find here in this “land of plenty” (nor find a suitable alternative)… like my Beaba Baby Cook! (more…)

December 22, 2007 at 12:26 pm 2 comments

Learning French without French Class

Little PimEver since that blasted day at French Class when my wallet was stolen, we have stopped going to class. (I hate that mall).  Sadly, my son really misses it.  And the few French words he knows are not doing much for him these days (unless, of course, he wants to ask for a raisin…)

Thankfully, as I was surfing one of my favorite sites, Cool Mom Picks, I came across the perfect solution:  foreign language DVDs for your kids!   The Little Pim videos are designed for babies and toddlers. (Apparently kids under the age of 6 are most capable of soaking up different languages).   Their unique method combines immersion and repetition with animation (a cute little panda named Pim), and images of children engaged in everyday activities.  The videos are now available in French, Spanish and Mandarin, but nine additional languages are soon to be released (including Enlgish- which, I thought, would be good for your Italian, Dutch and French-speaking children)!

I just bought the Little Pim: Playtime DVD in French, which promises to teach my son more than 60 new French words!
Much easier than dragging my 2 children to French class every Wednesday, (and cheaper too)!

Oh- and it’s an American company (think $$$s), but they ship worldwide! 

Courtney’s Icon-Courtney in London

thanks Cool Moms!

December 18, 2007 at 3:16 pm 2 comments

London’s Transport Museum has reopened!

London Transport Museum BusLiving in London BC (before children), I was able to visit the many museums this city has to offer.  (Aaaahhh… free time!  I have almost forgotten the meaning of the term). 

Back in those (more cultural) days, I visited the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden, which gives a very detailed history of London’s public transportation.  On display is an original steam locomotive from the 1800s,  horse-drawn trams, London’s first motor bus, and an electric trolley bus from the 1930s. 

What it really is… is a kid’s heaven! (They have a variety of hands-on exhibits for kids, and allow children to climb aboard the vehicles and even sit in the driver’s seats).


December 14, 2007 at 9:45 am 1 comment

Plan City

Plan City RoadwayIn this tiny flat I share with my three boys (one husband and two sons), space is a scarce commodity.  That’s why it’s a huge wonder that we have an entire room (and a good-sized one, in London terms) devoted to toys!  What used to be a semi-respectable reception room, has been converted to a playroom paradise.  Those boys have more toys than they know what to do with.  (It’s actually a bit ridiculous).

It’s ridiculous because of all his many toys, my 2-year-old really only plays with a few favorites, and the rest lie around collecting dust (and taking up precious space).

So I’ve decided, (since it’s holiday time and you’re sure to fill your houses with silly toys), to tell you all about my son’s most favorite toy: Plan City.


December 11, 2007 at 6:49 am 1 comment

Sophie la Girafe

Sophie the GiraffeI first discovered Sophie the Giraffe at Esther’s house when we first met.  We both had 6-month-old babies who loved putting anything in their mouths. Esther had a rubber giraffe that squeaked when you squeezed it.  Both our babies loved it; it was one of their favorite toys.   But, at that point, neither of us knew she was called “Sophie.” 

 It wasn’t until a few months later, when I was in Brussels with my husband (and baby), that I learned of her name.   My husband was speaking at an animation conference, so naturally, I went shopping…


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Elias and Grace is on-line!

My husband calls it a “money pit”- (he’s the one who reviews the bills), but I just can’t resist it. If I even stroll past the shop window, I’m hooked in. They quite possibly have the cutest range of children and baby clothes in London. (Well at least this shopping expert thinks so)!

Elias and Grace OutfitElias and Grace MonkeyElias and Grace Shoes

Elias and Grace is located on the main strip in Primrose Hill.  They stock all my favorite brands: Simple Kids, Quincy, Maan, Album di Famiglia, Petit Bateau, kid’s Levis, Pepe Shoes, etc. etc. 


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